Frequently asked questions

My anti virus program blocks one of your products stating it
may harm my computer, what can I do ?

Configure your anti virus to ask you before blocking any suspicious
programs then reinstall our product without blocking it.
Finally, report us the message your anti virus displays
so that we can ask for correction.

Our programs are checked with Trend Micro(tm) Internet Security
and thus are virus-free, but they are not certified by any organisation.
Your anti virus meets a so called false positive that means :
« I believe there is a virus here though I am not quite sure »

I am trying to order one of your products but the order sheet will not
allow me to access PayPal because I have a free email address.
What can I do ?

« Customers with freemail addresses can still order online if they choose
to pay in cash, by check or by wire transfer.
Our Customer Service Team is also happy to assist these customers
in placing their orders via telephone or fax. »

How can I get updates for the program I purchased ?

Either update your program from the inside, press the Information
button then Check for updates or click on the About menu option.
(You can also check the At startup option so that the program
automatically checks for updates each time you launch it.)
Or click on the Download link in the products page of this site.

My registration key does not work anymore, the program stays
in demo mode even if I reinstall the key, what can I do ?

In order to protect our programs and fight hackers,
your key might stop working after some specific updates.
Please contact us and we will provide a new key for free.

Please contact us for any question.